My thoughts after 6 months

From time to time I like to pull up my live feed on the desktop.
If I hear some commotion, or want to check the creek. etc.
there have been times I really needed this to work and it fails, every time. !

I really dislike the Eufy System. Owning this system for 6 months is the bane of my existence.
The web log in is so slow. the cameras hardly ever work to view them live.
Hell they hardly ever capture motion and record to the HomeBase.
They sure as hell don’t capture a thief’s license plate. (see my other posts)

When you log into from the web interface, you have to choose your country ??

enter email
enter password
cameras won’t load, or slow to load, or just completely fail. and time out.
Fullscreen doesn’t work at all.
Picture in Picture has never worked.
constantly buffers (if a camera loads)
And more… but I’m sick of typing.

Anyway… here is what I’m talking about.

I’m on 100MB fiber. with a wired connection to the HomeBase.
on Gigabit router. there should be absolutely NO ISSUES LIKE THIS !
Fix your junk Eufy !

Eufy I’m 6" away from the HomeBase. and the closest camera 6Ft from base always says failed to load.
the furthest camera away has absolutely no issues. strange but whatever.

I’ve went round and round with them in emails. and performed all the suggestions, nothing has helped.
Buyer beware. I can not imagine any usage where these would be useful. unless you want to look at the four walls of the room the HomeBase is in.

Thanks All
Good day.

Thanks for the article. I was getting ready to pull the trigger on the system, but after reading this, I will look elsewhere.