Needing Assistance

I’ve only have my cam for 2 weeks. first time I am experiencing unable to connect to application server ? My router is functioning correctly. Resolution?

Think lot people having this problem at the moment. Their servers are down.


Mine is doing the same. Servers must be down

Servers are down apparently. Lots of people having trouble!!

Same problem… I’ve had mine for about a week and I have been getting that same message off and on all day since 10:10 this morning

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Same. Most of the day. Extremely frustrating when we are the best sales people for the product

Unable to connect to the server

Temporarily App Down for Maintenance

Some of our Eufy Security customers are experiencing problems accessing their Eufy Security app and video events.

We’re aware of this issue and are working on it urgently.

Eufy Security system is still recording and still working in the background. Once this server issue has been fixed, you will be able to see all the video recorded while access to events has been down.

We know this is frustrating, but please know our teams are working hard to get everything back up and running, and we will update you in the next couple of hours with the latest information.

– Eufy Security Team

My question. Why did it take so long to get this?? What did users have to ask for hours for Eufy to respond. YOU NEED TO LET US KNOW OF THIS RIGHT AWAY. DON’T MAKE US WAIT SO LONG FOR A RESPONSE. I’m glad we finally got a response and I will be waiting for updates on what is going on… but this should’ve been posted 2 hours ago…