New Update, No Videos viewable

The home base updated to “fix bugs” on 1st March 22. Since being updated there are no recordings available.

At night, i can see the cameras are turning on, infared starts and it appears to be recording but no videos in the library.

All cameras are up to date as well, ive checked that.

Obviously whatever “bug fix” was released fucked up, is there anyway to roll back?

For anyone else who may get this issue, with no thanks to Eufy themselves on how to fix the issue.

The homebase update made the system think there was a “new SD card” detected. It was required to be formatted after the update and cameras are back to detecting and saving motion.

Pitty it also deleted all previous videos that had been detected.

If you delete few days of video in sd card.
it should be ok.

It is a firmware/server problem with Eufy. Server missed communication to delete clips.

send Eufy support log .