Night vision very dark

The night vision is very dark on my pro2cam at the front of my house. Got in touch with eufy and they sent a update 4.5.8 but still no better.

Are you having worse motion detection since the 4.5.8 update? Is you auto night vision having a slight delay activating with a clicking sound when it turns on?

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No the detection is still the same, but i do get a clinking sound when its turns on

In the end eufy changed the cam but the new one with the 4.5.8 up date is still dark

I had the same problem with the dark screen, long delay and the click sound. Seems to be fixed with 4.5.8. Maybe you need to complete reset and set up again your cameras?

Same here. It’s odd because it starts well lit and immediately fades out until dark. Hm?