No night vision and missed detections

I’m on software version 4.1.9 with my two cameras (eufy cam pro 2)
The one on the back does not turn on night vision what so ever and the front one only detects some things.
For example i just went out to the store and it did not detect when i left or when i came back even though i was clearly visible and in range.
I’ve tried turning on and off both cameras and night vision but nothing works!
I’m very close to returning them, i didnt pay 500 dollars for something that might work during day slightly!
Anyone have any tips?
Updating to 4.6.6 doesnt work as I’ve tried that numerous times.
Only other thing i could think of was to do a factory reset.

How are your cameras positioned in relation to the movement ? Also, if you have Facebook you can join this group for help. Https://

They are about 3-4 meters above porch, slightly angled to the left & right, with view head on to people entering my yard.

I had the same issues (night vision and update to 4.6.6 not working) with one of my new EufyCam 2 Pro. Just received today an automatic update to v4.6.8 and night vision is now fixed.

Yeah i received the update this night as well after communication with the developers support.
I had to supply my base unit, and it seems that everything works fine now :slight_smile: