Notification when system offline?

Is there a notification setting for when the system goes offline?

My Home Base dropped offline last night and I didn’t know.


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@met26 Unfortunately, Eufy doesn’t notify the user…which is unbelievable!! Best bet is if you are able to…add it to Homekit and do it from there.

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Im away from home, cant restart my camera now. Dont know what the reason is ,perhaps power is gone…strang

same with doorbell here, offline, no note or log :confused:

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This would be a nice feature to have, possibly add something in the event log showing when internet was lost and restored

When HomeBase is restarted



What is Homekit?

@met26 Apple HomeKit is a system that lets you control smart home devices, as long as they’re compatible. Select Eufy cameras work with Homekit (link below). Through Homekit you can receive alerts when cameras go offline/online.

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