Outdoor Siren Please!

I love my Eufy system in have indoor and outdoor cameras. I don’t understand the siren for the alarm being on the home base. You want a siren outside in the event you have an incident. People nearby may not hear the siren from outside.


I have eufycam 2c, siren is on both homebase and camera, fairly loud also


My cameras are outside,

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Has there been any response or update about an external siren? I’m in the process of looking at a new home security system and this is the only thing holding me back!


For your info I received following message from Eufy on 2/15/2021

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm with you currently that the outdoor siren is in our plan now as we understand this is a great feature for alarm system’s whole performance. Sincerely sorry that we cannot provide a time when it will be available, we are continuing evaluating the market demands and possibilities.

So may be sometime this year?? I hope so,


I hope this sirene will be available soon. Most important thing for a home security as homebase and camera is not load enought.


I’m moving home soon and have been researching home security systems to go alongside my Eufy cameras. I have been put off getting the Eufy security system as there is no external siren. I found this thread and am very happy to see that one is being developed. That would be great. If I can’t get a Eufy security system with an external siren I’ll have to get a different system.


+1 for an outdoor siren please- it is essential. The cameras sirens are not loud enough and would prefer an alarm box visible as a deterrent. when available I will buy the alarm accessories.


Yes please outdoor siren that would function without wifi but just a connection to homebase 2


Also, the option to turn off the homebase sound. With the homebase making sounds, it can be found. If they find an steal it, you lose everything. So please add a indoor and outdoor siren that is loud. The current homebase alarm is not loud enough. The camera’s alarm sounfd are fine, but nowhere near as loud as I’d like.


Funny to create such a sophisticated alarm system without thinking about selling an OUTDOOR wireless alarm !!!
I really cannot understand! I did a test from the street: no way that anybody can hear the internal Homebase siren… :frowning:
My neighbour has another competitor system (same thing full wireless and cellphone driven) WITH a wireless outdoor siren… When it work, one can hear it 100m around!!
Seems so usefull to have this equipment!
Come on @EufyCamManagers !!! :smiley:


I urgently support the request for an outdoor siren.


I would like an outdoor siren with little flashing LED lights also if possible, and it needs to be nice and loud as the sirens on the cameras are a bit pathetic to be honest.


The only thing missing… an outside sirene!


Any update on this one? Getting my new home soon and hoping to get a Eufy security system to go with my cameras. I won’t buy it without the external siren. That would be a shame.


Come on EUFY, how long does it take to develop an outdoor siren?
Cameras, motion sensors, and contact switches are great, but a true security system has an outdoor siren.


@Mengdi : When will the Sirene be available??? This is really something that is missing on the Eufy system… To be honost: I do not recommend buying /installing the system until there is a sirene available!


I was locked out and set the homebase siren off at full volume and my wife slept through it and I couldn’t hear it at my front door let alone as a deterent. I’m concerned that the alarm is currenly only useful to lead burglers to the homebase that stores the footage of them breaking in. A loud external siren would alert my neighbours, deter burglars and allow me to hide the camera footage so it can’t just be taken away, please implement this soon as possible currently I can only use eufy as a notification service rather than the security system it is billed as


Hi Eufy, I’ve been waiting for a FULL YEAR since I spent $1,500 on a house full of Eufy cameras & locks.
The system and software is great and is bug-free; however; I hope the Siren can be purchased ASAP or at least the functionality added to the door chime device.
I bought the keypad in hopes of turning my alarm on/off but what’s the point since there isn’t a loud siren?

It’s really disappointing to see that you guys are making more niche products like the delivery drop box before fully completing the core functionality of your bread-and-butter security system.
It’s alienting your loyal customers and leaving us unprotected from home burglars. Please make it happen!




It’s just a wireless siren device. How much R&D is needed?