Outdoor solar siren

I see we still trying to get Eufy to bring an external alarm because the system is very good but let down by the fact that the current decibel is softer than a mobile alarm that gets me up every day so the quicker they realise that we want and would pay for an additional external alarm which would make a fair bit of money for them.

Using the Homebase as a siren is plain dumb… Intruders will try to destroy the siren first. Homebase should ideally be hidden and totally silent.

I set all camera alarms to go off when Homebase alarm goes off, then opened up the Homebase and unplugged the speaker cable. This is just a workaround, ideally you want an external siren.

I’d pay 300 bucks for a well executed, tamper-proof and intimidating solar siren…

I don’t think Anker care :frowning: