Pan and tilt camera won’t shut down

I can’t turn off my Pan and tilt camera or the microphone from the app. The camera just turns back on automatically again i.e. the toggle switch resets back to ‘on’ immediately. This also happens with the microphone toggle, it resets itself back to on.
This is unacceptable for privacy . I’ve reset the device, unplugged it, reset the app and reinstalled the camera but nothing changes. Is there way to fix this or do I return the product?


I would think that you have tried what most would have tried.

I would contact Eufy support, let them know what you have done and see what they will tell you (ie do this or it will need to be returned).

Did you see if there was an update first? I would check and update it before you called (for the app and the device)

Just remember that if you do it on Friday then you may not hear from them until say the next Monday (or at least that is what it is with some of the other sister companies)