Phantom Chime/Ringing on 2k Battery Doorbell (Hardwired)

Has anyone else experienced a phantom chime/ring from the house chime (but not the Homebase)? It’s been somewhat rare, but seems to happen more often in the middle of the night. Basically, I hear my house chime go off (again, not the Homebase chime, which is how I can tell the difference between a real ring and phantom ring), and when I check the app, no motion or ring has been detected. I think I’ve read somewhere about a voltage spike possibly being the cause, but can’t confirm.

Is there any fix for this? Oddly enough, the box and quick start guide says that my package should have included jumpers to jump the house chime (which I would have considered doing, just to shut the thing up), but then it seems they weren’t actually included in the box.

Bump - anyone else experienced phantom/ghost chimes?

my video is not connecting to wifi and my chime kept ringing.

Exchanged my 16v30va transformer and replaced it I had the same problem again in a month I exchanged yet another 16v 30va transformer. This did not fix my issue.I then bought a 24V 40VA trans former which did not really fix the issue either.

I contacted eufy about my 2k battery doorbell that was wired and not charging. It was about 5 months old. They sent a replacement, and THAT DID fix my issue. I was even able to leave the more powerful transformer in and that may have also allowed my manual doorbell to work again. Now I have a manual chime and the home base chime. The new replacement also reacts faster when connecting and drops a lot less! Try contacting eufy about the issue directly. Their customer service gave me a great experience.

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