Please automate my automations :-)

Allow different modes to use automations (or not). Currently I have to manually turn on my cameras automations at night when I want them… and then manually turn them back off after I change modes during the day.

Please consider


I believe we are asking similar thing… correct?

Ummm? I’m looking for a simple option. For each mode you now have alarm rules and device rules. I want a third option for each mode … “automation rules”. With the only option of ON or OFF. Use the autos set or ignore them.

Without owning the goods you have… How complex would your setup be?

Not that complex, can be a simple option per automatiom rule in modes settings. In modes settings you see all devices with options (alarm, record, etc… for each device) in that list maybe Anker can add the automations that you tick or not. Take it easy :grin:

I agree: each automation should be enablable/disablable like the detectors.

This needs to happen. I have several modes that require different automation logic.

I.e. in mode A when a sensor X is triggered I want camera 1 to record, but in mode B when sensor X is triggered I want camera 1 and 2 to record. The current level of automation is very limited.

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Just wanted to drop by and give a +1 on this :slight_smile:

Why does it not do this. I want my door sensors to trigger the alarms on my home base a cameras in away mode, but obviously not home mode. Otherwise I can’t open a door without the alarm going off.

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i agree , I just sent query to eufy

hi eufy
i have puchased eufy cam2 pro and security pack ( sensors and keypad security)

Now i really think that the sirens are way too low is there any way to add and outdoor siren.
i know you dont do them but could you at least tell me if there is any outdoor siren that would be compatible…
why no outdoor siren available…? ( to me it is a basic item in a home security system)

second question…
i set up automation but it seems that when automations are set up they do apply to all mode.
Is there any way to have automations to be set up diferently for different mode.

system in mode away: when camera 1 detected movement camera 2 record and base alarm trigger

system in mode home: when camera 1 detected movement camera 2 record base NO alarm trigger in base

thank you ( outdoor siren is really a must, see reolink, somfy, ring and many more they do have them)