"please contact our customer service for help"?

Bought three units of Homebase and x3 cameras (over $3600). One unit took a firmware update about two weeks ago and all eight cams (bought additional units) now coming up with this error message. Can access any cams and just get this message. Been offline for a week now and local support limited - any help appreciated.

Tried that, informed it didn’t work and now no contact in the last 5 days.

I have been having a similar problem with my 8 camera’s, home base would tell me to add device or camera even though in the app all were paired, I contacted support about 3 weeks ago and received an update about 2 weeks ago. My system worked for 24 hrs then I got the same message please contact customer support, the home base had totally reset itself ( as in a new device) wiping my micro sd card as well. I set it up again and it lasted 12hrs before doing the same thing. I have sent my system back to place of purchase to be assessed and hoping they will replace it as it’s still under warranty. Contract support with a screen shot of the message they told me they would do another firmware update but I had already returned the system so I don’t know if it would have worked.