Points Transfer from Anker Community

Now that eufy has it’s own community which is similar to Soundcore Collective, the question raises as how the points system will work.
Do we get the points transferred from Anker community to eufy community for the users that are contributing to all Anker brands including eufy on Anker forum?
If we look back in the recent history, this is what Soundcore Collective did to reward members who come from Anker (the parent) community.
Any update on this @Mengdi ?

I wouldn’t want the points transferred … there is no real benefit out of points transferred, unless we get the notes and prizes :star_struck:


Not too fussed myself if points are transferred or not, doesn’t really change anything for usage…

Curious to see the up take / overall posting on here seeming there are no referral incentives at present…which in some ways have made the Soundcore community a tech re-posting forum to hit daily points :raised_hands:


We already have a plan to develop a full referral project covering all the eufy security products, it will be combined with APP, so we do not want to make the referral thing too complicated, so please look forward it, the new program will be launched soon.


Probably just skip that one this time. It was more work than it was worth on Soundcore, and it didn’t actually benefit users, since the notes weren’t given on level up.


Thanks for the clarification @Mengdi looking forward to have the App released. but didn’t want to run another marathon of referrals, let’s see how it goes :thinking:

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Any level up incentives?

Your voice is heard, we are working on this proposal. If you have better suggestions to make this forum more heated, it is appreciated!

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@Mengdi I assume you’re the forum manager?

Awesome, I’ll try to come up with some ideas