Record on doorbell during the day, doorbell and motion at night?


I want to use scheduled security modes so that during the day I get recordings when the doorbell is pushed, and at night I get recordings for doorbell pushes and motion.

I couldn’t see a way to do this, is there one?

(I get a lot of false alarms during the day from motion detection and of I set the sensitivity and action areas to avoid this I’m going to miss things I want to set at night…)



I assumed that’s how it would but unfortunately if you want to record any activity, you need the motion on.

This can be easily sorted via firmware so I hope eufy consider it. Plus they can brag about the battery life (which sucks)


I looked at the automation options too - ironically it appears you can set one of your other cameras to record using the doorbell push as a trigger, but not the doorbell camera itself!

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Yeh I’m keen for the same - posted here Scheduling for doorbell motion detect and here Wireless doorbell - option for record video on bell press only?

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