Recording problem

Recording and movement detection is not working

lots people getting this issue at the moment. its a software issue, sadly eufy is not responding to this bug

Same, with all the glitches Eufy has they have 1 job when it comes down to it to record video and they can’t seem to handle that… Biggest regret was going all in with this system

My system has been normal, so its not a universal issue. Perhaps its related to the server upgrade happening today.

Where did you hear about this?

What cameras are you using?
What are your settings?

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I have two cameras and never records and the other can’t ever let me play back. This is some garbage

My doorbell is not recording either.

Reading more people seem to be having issues with the 2k doorbell. Mine is concerning using geolocation with all camera’s, home-based cams/ 2k indoor cams/ 2k and 1080p wired outdoor. When in geolocation the camera’s will give me a thumbnail someone has been spotted but will not record. If I arm all said cameras and trigger it then it does record. I understand geo is spotty but I have been running it smoothly for more than 6 months till the last couple weeks.
Eufy sent back a AI generated email that wasn’t worth my time as this is obviously a software issue maybe to do with the update they pushed for the homebase recently regarding the 3 backdoor openings Cisco found

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