Recording started message

Is there a way to have the dual camera say a message when recording starts? I have had video doorbells in the past that say a message whenever video recording has started, like “camera recording“. I would think it could be a deterrent from someone stealing a package if they hear they’re being recorded upon getting close to the camera. I have only been able to find a setting that will say a message if someone pushes the doorbell.

I picked up a Covid job as an Amazon driver for a few months. One light fixture had a loud single “Ding” when I approached the front door. This made me look around to figure out where this came from to find the cam was in the light. It wasn’t an Alarm…. It wasn’t annoying…. It was perfect. Just enough to put you on notice that you were being watched without the ridiculous sign saying “smile… your on camera”

There are a hundred little things like this that Eufy could add to make their cameras not suck. It’s clear they have absolutely no intention to fix or add anything that would make things better after your initial purchase.

Even something as simple as using the font from one camera that has black edges…. And replacing the font on other cameras that use white fonts that can’t be read against the sky. This would take a programmer 5 minutes. They already own the correct font set.

I guess what I’m saying is don’t hold your breath…. They don’t give a crap.

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