Schedule and modes work on the app but chime rings anyway

Hello there,

This issue is driving me a bit mad. We have a battery powered 1080p doorbell, which is working fine beside this one critical issue. We are able to set the schedule up and swap modes, which seems to work in the app as we get notifications but settings the chime to away does not stop it from ringing, the only thing that does is to manually snooze it under ‘My Devices’. Can someone please help?

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No help here. I see no way within the app to have it not ring when someone physically presses the doorbell button when schedule / mode are set.
Unless you change the Wi-Fi chime ringtone to silent. But that’s not very efficient cuz you would need to do that every time manually.

The thing is, it should do it automatically, that is the main reason for scheduling to exist, no? I’m just wondering if I have done something wrong. I have reset the system already but no luck. I’m using the iOS app btw.