Simple Camera control

Wish the controls could be more simple . It can be a ordeal just trying to find what you need

Yes and NO! Want to turn your cams “off” when you get home? Yes!

Want to rotate a camera mounted on the ceiling? Yes! Not buried in some mounting guide.

BUT…. I want more control over almost everything. I don’t want my Alarms going off at 2am because a bunny wandered past. Record it yes…. Alarm no.( human only if your going to wake the neighbors and your family)

Automations for homebase needs to be controlled by mode. And many many more.

These require settings to control. And yes…. This adds complication.

I have seen devices that had simple settings… but also had a way to get to the complicated stuff for those who felt comfortable. This might be just the product for such a thing.

I have always said…. There are people in this world that can set a VCR…. And then there are those that leave the time flashing 12:00. ( and yes…. I’m old)

If the app had some type of voice commands that would be cool.
“Hey Eufy” dining room cam rotate 20° left.
“Hey Eufy” front doorbell deactivate motion detection for 2 hours.