Snooze feature problem

How do I eliminate the checkmark in the box for Motion Snooze? Every time I uncheck and leave, when I return it’s checked again. Also there’s no way to uncheck any of the time periods below the check boxes for Motion Snooze and Chime Snooze.

Basically I don’t want anything snoozed, but I don’t see a way to accomplish that.

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Thank you. I have, but no effect.

Guessing here. Are the the owner/admin or setup as family? If family do you have admin rights?

Thank you. I’m the owner/admin and have one family member I’ve invited as a guest who hasn’t set up yet.

Have you tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling?

Good idea. I’ll try that.

Is this what you have unchecked @Front212

I am having same issue. Any resolution here? Thanks!

Bought the new T8202, on the IOS app its still the same

The motion is only snoozed if you select save. If you don’t want anything snoozed just press cancel to get out of snooze settings.