Thank you Eufy Security!

With all the negative posts on the forum I wanted to post a positive post thanking Eufy.

Users have been asking for 2 Factor Authentication for a while and yesterday I realized that 2 Factor Authentication was available for US.

Thank you Eufy Security for listening to your customers and making 2 Factor Authentication available!

One of the reasons I was not buying the Alarm System and Indoor Cameras is because there was no 2 Factor Authentication.

Now that there is I am looking into getting some Eufy Security Indoor Cameras.

I am still holding off on the alarm system for now because I want the Indoor Cameras to connect to the home base so that I can set up automations with the Alarm System.

The Indoor Cameras do NOT need to use the Homebase for storage. They can still use the MicroSD card. They just need the ability to connect to the Homebase for automations

If this capability gets added I will definitely be looking into the Alarm System as well.

(The only reason I want to Indoor Cameras to work with the Alarm System is because I want to set it up where if the Alarm System goes off all the Indoor Cameras sound their alarms too.)

Thanks Eufy Security for listening to your users!

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Still waiting for 2FA in Australia! Wonder why it’s been activated in certain countries? It should be activated for all Eufy users worldwide.

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I agree that this should be available in every country. Hopefully they will add it soon!