The eufy Security Indoor Cam Series - Preorder Thread

Just like other forms, I thought it would be cool to have a pre-order thread of the new camera.

Reply back with these five questions answered:

Which camera(s) did you purchase?
How many did you purchase?
What are you most excited about?
Have you used Eufy in the past?
What made you move security camera companies if you are new?

Once we start receiving shipping information or order updates, post your excitement here. :slight_smile:


I’ll go first,

  1. I’m thinking of just getting the Pan & Tilt 2k camera.
  2. 1, hopefully.
  3. The cost and for it to be in my hands already.
  4. No
  5. No monthly fees.

I just bought the Pan & Tilt. :slight_smile: Woot woot.


I got the combo of one of each. I already have the doorbell and the 2C cams and needed the inside ones to finish up my system.

Nice thread idea.

  1. The stationary (non pan) indoor camera

  2. I only preordered 1, I will order more after I get to try it out (if I like it)

  3. Getting to try out a new piece of tech :grin:

  4. Yes, I tested the original eufy doorbell

  5. I’m not moving company’s (yet), I’m trying out a new camera to compare with my current system (wyze). I’m a huge anker fan, so I’m willing to try out anything new from them.

Interested in a comparison to wyze when you get it, I find it funny that I can get wyze cams that are for the USA only from a US company but I can’t order a eufy indoors cam from a Chinese international company (I’m in the UK)

How many different threads are you going to post on about how you can get wyze in the uk and the rest of it? No, the UK isn’t a market priority in general (thanks to brexit) and no, you aren’t entitled to the American sale price for the indoor cams either. Yes they are an international company but no, Britain isn’t an empire anymore. If you hate eufy so much, just buy something else.

Nothing to do with Brexit & how many threads have I said it? 2?

I was mainly asking for a comparison as techman said that he currently has wyze

No need to get stroppy

You made it a point to attack them for their sales pattern, undermine their business model to question their credibility as a company, and then declare that you won’t be buying their products again. That tedious nonsense drags down the whole forum. As I said, if you dislike eufy so much, and like Wyze so much more, why don’t you just buy that and not darken everyone else’s door?

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I recently ordered 2 Wyze v2 câmeras.
O hate the fact they restrict you to 12 second clips and 5 minute cool down before next recording.
In order to lift, remove this. You have to pay.
Of course you can record to SD
But your notifications are limited once every 5.

VERY excited to get my Eufy pan and tilt
If it has no limitations. No subscription required
And send notifications all the time l…
I will buy more for sure.

Too bad they are no longer on sale at 35% off
Was told sale would continue till release. :frowning:

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But with an SD card it’s the same thing

@JoeyY yes after I’ve purchased the motion sensors when they’re finally available that’ll be my last purchase from them
If you participated in the original forum you would also be frustrated with eufy’s broken promises, missed deadlines, lies & constant “we’re working day & night it bring you new features”

But you know what they say if you don’t like a comment on a forum keep scrolling

But all of that is off topic
I’m still interested in a comparison to it’s direct competition

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Will Eufy send me notifications every minute or 2 minutes without needing to pay them ?
Let’s hope so. That would be a Wyze decision on their part.

@JoeyY I am a huge anker / eufy fan (and all sister brands), and I still question their business model and business decisions all the time. They do a lot of things as a company that really don’t make any sense for them, or customers.

Still make great products.

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I have door & motion sensors with my cams & as you can see the system notifies to camera motion, sound or sensor linked to camera, I also have SD cards in all of my cameras (not mandatory like most other brands)
If I’m in the kitchen I constantly get notifications if I don’t mute it

For the price I like wyze, the app & image could do with being improved but it works ok, the app is a little clunky & scrolling through footage can be a pain (on playback not events), the image is too heavily compressed for my liking as well (one of the questions I asked about the new eufy cams) one plus side is 1 months recordings on 256gb card constant recording though

As the new eufy cam only records to SD card & doesn’t upload to a cloud I’d hope that they don’t use too much compression but on the other hand you don’t want 128gb card to last less than a couple of days, it would be nice if they had a setting to adjust the compression so you can customise your preference to quality or quantity, I think even just 3 or 4 settings would please the most amount of people