This thing really doesn't work over WiFi?

This is more I relation to the Home base 2 I just received in the mail. They are wireless cameras, but the home base requires an ethernet. Problem is I use Starlink, and as most know the Starlink router does not have an ethernet output. So if I can’t configure this thing to work, I guess I’m gonna return the whole thing. I’ve tried setting it up using my friends router and home internet but the second I disconnect the Ethernet it gets stuck and will never connect to WiFi, I unplug it move it to different rooms, everything. It just will not connect to WiFi no matter what once I reach the step to “test WiFi” it never gets past that step. 4 hours in and about 5 minutes away from shipping it all back

Not sure if possible, but if it is, you could try to set a static IP for the device and provide the gateway, dns etc, just in case it has problems receiving an IP from DHCP. Select a quite high IP like x.x.x.250.

If that doesnt work, then it has difficulty joining the network. I checked and my homebase is connected to 2.4ghz.