Unacceptable phone battery consumption

I have 3 cameras (2 and 2c) and a wired wireless doorbell. Everything is up to date firmware. My phone battery consumption has become bad in the last couple of weeks. When I looked, the euphy app is using ~80%!!! While it was never the most battery friendly app, this is not acceptable. So far, I have tried clearing the cache, clearing data and a oal reinstall to no improvement. I have seen some mention of turning off location bit beyond the loss of geofencing, I have the constant nag screen whenever I use the app and I haven’t noticed much improvement. Is there something I’m missing? I have a fair bit of $$$ invested so changing systems is a tough choice. But my phone now needs charging by noon and that’s not ideal. It’s like going back to the early 2000’s. Oh, I’m using a Samsung s20fe. My son complains that the euphy app is also hammering his iPhone 12. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


100% agree! Eufy just destroys phone battery


Do you have the app locked on background? If you do, the app will kill your batt. That is what really has me upset with Eufy, in order to get notifications you need to allow permission and keep it on the background always. I’m looking for an alterna solution I have their door lock, and doorbell. I won’t be getting more cameras from then unless that is resolved.

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my phone reports high battery power consumption since last Firmware updatw.

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