Upcoming Server Upgrades! [EU]

:+1: :+1: :+1: thanks for letting me know, keep safe

Thank you for the update

Thanks for update

Re upgrade on 28 Feb 21 utc 0200
Or Australian time 1300 hrs. Eastern summer time

Hello from Australia,

Can you please send out another notification when the upgrade has successfully finished
Many thanks

Thanks for information.
Do you have server/service status page?

Hopefully preparing for homekit support :crossed_fingers:


Thank for the heads up very much appreciate :grinning:

Please!!! Let it be HomeKit support for the doorbell :sob:


Thanks for the heads up.

It’s about time. Thanks for the heads up!!

Thanks for the heads up

Nice One :+1:

Last update my homebase 2 packed up. Can’t say for sure but odd it packed up then… Will see tmw

Thank you for letting me know

list of firmware updates

Any known changes? This update has been and gone now hasn’t it

Upgrading the system is required from time to time.
Not every update is paired with new features or what not. It’s just a maintenance thing.

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Would we have noticed a drop in being able to use cameras and view footage while the servers were being updated?

Please read the first post as it clearly states the app was unavailable for thirty minutes.

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