Updates for security cams

Pryor to the March 18th update rollout, my (8) cam 2’s were working fine. My base was updated and I’ve had nothing but alarms, on all cameras. Just got another update yesterday, though it would change but it’s gotten worse. How can I or can I revert to a past update? Alarms have me up all hours of the night - please fix!

@I_See_You8 Welcome to forced Eufy updates!! :man_facepalming:t2::rofl:. Haven’t been happy since December because of all the issues they cause after their “new” updates (ie. Homebase, Cameras, or App).

I have reported my issues several times. Customer Service is pretty much useless (Cherry and Nina). Good luck though!!

i had issues with one camera eufy2c not detecting or recording or notifying ! changed the settings to custom and 20sec record and 5sec detection and now it works every time i pass it, will check it again before bed. These issues go back to 2018 so if its not fixed the whole system will be returned for a full refund .

Thought both my iPad and Android needed update and restarted. That didn’t do the trick. These updates made the surveillance system useless. I have to constantly open the App to view footage.