Upgrading from Floodlight (Non2k) to Flood Light 2 Pro - Base size?


I currently have an original Eufy Floodlight cam (Non-2k) on the front of our garage mounted on the wall. I just ordered the 2 Pro after seeing today’s deal.

I’m slightly concerned whether there will be a “ring” on the wall where I remove the original Floodlight and replace it with the new 2 Pro.

I’m fairly certain that the base of the 2 Pro is larger than the base of the original Floodlight, but by chance has anyone had both? I noticed from photos/videos that the 2 Pro base is square vs round. IIRC, the original Floodlight mated almost perfectly with a jbox, where as photos/videos of the the 2 Pro look like there is an overlap (which would be good in my case!).

For anyone curious.

The rough opening and marking where I caulked/sealed the original Floodlight was completely covered by the 2 Pro.

The original Floodlight’s base was 12.5 cm diameter and the width of the 2 Pro was ~14.5cm.