Video Doorbell 2K (Wired) memory full, no new recordings

My Video Doorbell 2K (Wired) memory says it is full but it is supposed to record over old videos. It is not recording anything now and I try to format, to clear all and start again but it will not format or delete anything! I look in the events and there is nothing on ANY date - even though the memory is full.
I have a useless security camera!
Eufy - please explain how to resolve this issue, thanks.

Most likely…( If eufy did monitor this community forum) they would tell you to do a reset on the doorbell. Which probably wouldn’t work.?
My thoughts, you may have a corrupted SD card. It just went bad and you need to replace it. If your personal computer can accept SD cards try to format it via that if it’s unable to then it’s bad.
Edit: I’m sorry I don’t believe your doorbell has an SD card that’s removable. I think it’s a built-in memory chip that it uses to record onto.