VPN Issue while on LTE

I have seen other vpn threads, but they seem to be the inverse in mine.

The issue I am having is while connected to the vpn, I cannot access the live stream or recordings, I do receive motion notifications. As soon as I turn off the vpn, I can live stream and view recordings. I only access my vpn while on LTE, or public Wi-Fi.

I have not tried my vpn on friend’s/family’s Wi-Fi. I haven’t had a chance. I have only had my cameras up for a week or two.

My setup is as follows-

Verizon Wireless
iPhone 11 on iOS 15.5
Qty. 3 Floodlight 2K on
Eufy app on 4.2.5_941
Ubiquiti VPN is L2TP

I am running my own vpn on an Ubiquiti USG that is on the latest firmware and running the latest Controller version on my server. I have seen other mentions about ipv6 vs ipv4 and I have ipv6 disabled.

I do run a PiHole on my network, but I don’t see anything blocked and live stream and recordings work perfectly at home on Wi-Fi. I have disabled the PiHole while on the vpn and still cannot access the live stream or recordings.

I have a similar problem…
I’ve been running a little pivpn server for many years to connect to my IP cameras, Blue Iris CCTV PC and RD PC’s etc on my LAN when I’m out and about using my Samsung S8.
I’ve used my Router to set the IP number of the Eufy doorbell chime by its MAC address.
I’ve then blocked that IP number from contacting anything outside of the WAN.
I was hoping to use the VPN (OpenVPN) on my Android phone to allow the EufySecurity app to connect to the doorbell (works fine on the internal LAN)… but no!
I’ve tried everything and I just can’t get it to work.
I guess whatever the app uses to identify and resolve the connection to the doorbell on the LAN doesn’t work across the VPN connection.
I don’t know whether it’s something that can be fixed as I have a few other picky apps that don’t like working across a VPN connection.
Unfortunately only the EufySecurity app can be used to access the doorbell’s live feed and saved videos etc so I’m a bit stuffed.
Ike many, I don’t like cameras etc streaming data off site to 3rd party servers.