When will the wired dual camera doorbell be available to buy in the UK

Good to see the battery version of the dual camera doorbell. When will the wired only version be available to buy? The only information I have found is “late March”. Any updates on this vague timing?

Any updates on this @eufy ?

@pcarson1970 - where did you find about the wired dual camera doorbell becoming available to buy in UK during March timeframe? :slight_smile:

It was in the literature on the Eufy UK website in the FAQ’s not sure if it’s still there now though.

Ok thanks @pcarson1970. I am actually waiting for them to launch it here in UK…as I am not convinced about paying subscription fees for the Ring or Nest or the likes. I was even thinking about getting it shipped via friends in the US…but not sure if its worth the risk and money - considering if something went wrong, I can’t return it :smiley:

So until Eufy launches it or any other player launches a similar product in the UK, it is back to the old ‘dumb’ bell :wink:

How about you?