Where is cloud storage option for 2C / 2 cams?


I just got the wired cam and testing the cloud storage, works fine.
Now I wanted to try to activate it on the 2 / 2C cams I have but cant find the option anywhere, am I missing something?


Go to the eufy security app, click the 3ines on the top left, click on cloud record, and then choose what subscription plan you want. Since the 2c stores locally you have to pay for cloud subscription

I dont have this option on iOS

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Me neither! Would like to know more about this, too.

I know, I had the option for cloud in the app but now it’s gone. (iOS)

Are you an iCloud and HomeKit user? The cloud setting might be removed as you are expected to use HSV, HomeKit Secure Video… not sure.

@derDoc @dhmorrow

I will get you both an answer on this cloud recording question and get back to you!

I‘m ok with it. I don’t need the cloud recording. But thank you :wink::+1:

Hi @dhmorrow

If you log into the Eufy web portal:https://mysecurity.eufylife.com/#/login

Then go on the left side to ‘subscriptions’ and then you can click ‘subscribe’ and have multiple options (screenshot below).


Those are the options for Eufy cloud storage, but what about the option to use HomeKit Secure Video going to my 2tb iCloud storage as described in this document within the eufySecurity app at, ☰ > Settings > Smart Integrations > Apple HomeKit > HomeKit on eufy Security > HomeKit Secure Video on IndoorCam Pan&Tilt:


I have a home hub running on my Apple TV 4K, and yet I can find no option to use Apple HomeKit Secure Video going to my existing iCloud storage. Please advise.

When I click on that link it opens up a page to download the app on the (Apple) App Store. I have the app already and when I click on the app it says I need to go to the website🤷‍♂️

ever found out if the 2c supports the cloud service? i have the Solo OutdoorCam C24 and have the cloud service, i was thinking of getting a couple of eufy cam 2c and use the cloud service, but i cant find out if its able to.