2k batter doorbell no notification

My battery power doorbell 2k model is catching the alerts ans motion and people but im not getting alerts to my Android phone all my notifications are selected and allowed any one else know why?


I’m having the same issue, if I toggle notification settings on/off in the eufy app for the camera they work for like a day before I stop receiving notifications.

The same problem with my neighbor’s Eufy battery doorbell.
After some research I found the reason. This is an Android issue, after Android 9 there are only 24 notifications possible per app, after that notifications will stop. You have to clear the notifications on the home screen, (not in the Eufy app) after that it will work again till you reach 24 again. Restarting the phone will also do the trick.
Note: some Android brand models allow 50 as max notifications.
On iOS ( iPhone) no problems.
Hope this helps!

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