30+ sec delay doorbell livestream

For the past few months I’m having issues with the doorbell. When for example door postman rings the bell, it takes 30+ sec before the livestream opens. Most of the time the one ringing the bell already left.
I’ve asked my colleague, he has the same homebase and doorbell, and he has the same problem.
Please solve this problem asap.


Same here! Very annoying. When there’s a connection, after more than 30 sec… the person at the door is already gone….


Here also the same problem. I have to rush to the door to be on time. Not handy


Same issue and the delay seems to be getting longer. :slightly_frowning_face:


And here too. Massive delay. Totally negates the point of having a doorbell that you can talk through.


Yes, I have exactly the same problem.

Please solve this

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235 and then zip out and I can never be d

Sorry, I don’t understand

Same here, on iOS app (only on 4G - WiFi is perfectly fine and fast

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Having the same problem on wifi at work taking upto 30 secs to connect ? if I go onto 4G connects straight away. Come on eufy we need a software update to fix the problem


I also have the same problem. On Android and iOS it streams almost instant when connected to wifi. But when on data it takes 10 seconds on Android and about 25 seconds on iOS

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Yep same problem, would be great if someone from Anker could explain?

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Exactly the same problem please Eufy help

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Same problem :frowning:
Hopefully Eufy will fix it with a firmware update.

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I’m seeing the same problem recently. Support sent me a renewed doorbell to rule out the problem but it’s the same. WiFi is ok mainly seeing the problem on 4G/5G network where the live view takes long to play.

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Same issue here. Just missed the delivery guy because setting up the connection took to long to be able to respond in time.


When I first got this bell it was quick now super slow, even the Chime/notification on phone happens hours later???

having the same issue. Really disappointed by eufy. If it is not fixed then ihave to return it.

Hi guys,

Forward this ports in the router to Homebase:

TCP port 80, 443 and UDP port 65535.

Eufy advised this and I tested it for one day now and still no connection problems found.

Let’s test it for a week. I’ll come back to this.

Btw, what brand routers do you have?

I had the same issue where live stream from a mobile network didn’t work or there was sometimes big delays and port forwarding to the mentioned ports didn’t help.

Support advised to put my homebase in Performance (Beta) mode. Since then it has been working fine via mobile network and WiFi.

The Performance (Beta) mode can be found here: homebase > Settings > Woking mode. It may take couple of attempts to select this option and your homebase will go offline for few seconds.

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