App soooo slow opening

This app is so so slow to open, half the time the people who ring my doorbell have gone before I get a chance to talk to them. So annoying!


I’m finding exactly the same problem! It’s so annoying I’m finding myself running to answer the door from upstairs quicker than the app opens!!

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Me too. I’ve become increasingly frustrated with eufy. I have super fast fibre to the home, brand new eero routers so not one device is very far away, yet the cameras and door bell are slow to respond and audio and video feed stutters

It’s getting slower and slower to open and answer the doorbell. So annoying! Could someone help with it? One month ago it was super fast and conformable now its a nightmare to talk to someone at the doorbell.

Since the 4.0 updates the app has really slowed down. I reverted back to a 3.5 version on Android and its much faster. All that bloated code to add new functionality has borked the app. Since I won’t ever buy any of their new gear, reverting back has left me with a faster app, better battery life, and no real downside.

You can find older versions of the Eufy app on and I have been using that site for almost 2 years without any issues with their downloads. The only caveat is they usually show 2 versions of each revision. Make sure you only download the one that doesn’t say “Bundle” at the end of the filename or you’ll get a lot of other useless apps with your download.