Camera ' system/ alarm alert system failed and was robbed.r

While i was out at the convenience corner grocery neighborhood corner market just 1/2 block from my apt. Buying milk soda bread and smokes My apt at the same time was being ransacked, torn apart and robbed when i walked out i had armed the security system and was gone a total of 5 minutes no more than 5 and certainly no less the store was empty i was in and out when’s got home I found my door opened unlocked when opened the door it was to an unrecognizable place was living in everything and i mean everything from closet drawers bath, kitchen cloth’s drawers all on the Floor the fabric on my brand new i sofa from create and barrel was stripped o the fabric and thrown on the floor My trash all the floor also all my New clothsand all designers taken and shoes expensive electronics including iPhone Pro Max just purchased together with the IPad Pro 1800.00 and 24000.00 l was not alerted at all and the system was armed i paid $400.00plus so can be robbed.