Cameras keep dropping out and have to get up a ladder to take down camera and resync

Wowser. Bought Eofy as we thought they were good! Worked beautifully for about 8 hours! Then 2 cameras drop out and have to get a ladder out, take them down and relink them to home base! Surely we are not going to have to do this daily! Our internet is fine and one of the cameras dropping out is closest to the home base! What if we are on holidays - how do we fix it???

If you can retutn the lot because Eufy only sell camera’s they do not fix them when they go wrong and the support are useless

Sounds like you are having interference from some local wifi source if you have adequate signal. I have seen a neighbors dashcam cause issues when he comes home or even a bad set of brushes in another neighbor’s skill saw.

Another possibility is your router is broadcasting on the same frequency band as the Homebase and cameras communicate. Try switching the 2.4 Ghz channel that your router is using. The Homebase uses a proprietary coms protocol, but it broadcasts in the same set of channels your router uses. Channels 1, 6 and 11 are the best channels to use. If you have a wifi app, look at the local channels and the Eufy coms will show up as a strong hidden network. Just make sure that your router and that hidden network use different channels.

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