Connection over the internet issues

Cameras stream video on wifi
But when I leave the house
I still get motion notifications
I can see battery life
I can see a still photo of what triggered the detector, but if I try and stream video to see what is still happening I get the dreaded message about issue with connecting to home base

I have reset 3x now
Tried using HomeKit as a workaround that some suggested
Tried using 4g on my phone rather than 5G
Tried switching home base to wifi that someone else suggested
Looked at my home modem firewall

Still can not get video to stream over the internet

Does anyone have any other suggestions?


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Following, I have the same issue.

Can you use the Eufy portal to see your clips? If so, then your clips are getting from the homebase to the internet. If not, something is blocking traffic from the homebase.


Same problem for me.

Android phone (Oneplus Nord, Android 11):

  • Connection OK (Wifi + LTE)
  • Streaming works only throw Wifi (Internal or External Wifi)

Iphone 8:

  • Connection OK (Wifi + LTE)
  • Streaming OK (Wifi + LTE)

Streaming throw the portal works on LTE.

Please resolve this Android issue !

I think it’s whatever they’re using to compress it because I can stream movies on my phone fine through LTE but whatever they’re using to stream it from the camera doesn’t stream well at all from the camera I can set my other phone up as a in-home camera and it streams better than this. So I don’t know what they’re using to stream it or compress it or whatever but that’s the issue because over Wi-Fi it works great I’m on T-Mobile and I can’t view anything hardly over LTE but if I use my little hotspot device it works fine