Does camera motion detection get worse over time?

My eufyCams initially seemed to detect about 8 metres down my driveway. Now 3 months later a person has to come up to near 2-3m away for detection and recording to start. Sensitivity is high, changed activity zones on/off, etc. Anyone experiencing this? Also “All motion” mode, needs to be a person to set it off, won’t detect anything else such as an animal.


Have you cleaned the cameras? I’ve found that wiping the cams with a microcloth helps


thanks for the “obvious” advice…Solved my problem – me bad.

Thanks for advice, but didn’t solve mine. Switched cams off and on, noticed that it came good for a 1 or 2 detections then bad again. This Eufy system is incredibly unreliable.


Having the same issue and it’s only been two weeks… Started out great and now it won’t detect motion on it’s highest setting… Will be reinstalling the devices and see if that works.


Mine doesn’t detect anything in human only mode and in all motions it’s on and off throughout the day and that’s on the highest setting, I walked in front of mine yesterday and it didn’t even detect me. Then night time I’ll be lucky to get anything at all.

This system is so unreliable compared to my full wired system. All it seems good for is to view a live feed when you suspect something going on.

I just installed this wireless system to cover blind spots and save me the hassle of wiring up 2 more cameras on the wired system.

At this point I won’t be buying anymore products from Eufy/Anker until this system has been improved.


Agreed. Same issues


My system worked flawlessly until the 28/09/2021 camers firmware update and motion detection has never worked like it did again, they pushed another firmware update to camera’s in December and motion detect is not the same and my dogs shows up as human motion which is wrong does not do what it says on box, I have given up on the Eufy security system because it is very unreliable and a waste of money and the customer support are a waste of time they are too preoccupied with selling new products and not looking after existing customers who have spent their hard earned money on a product that does not do as advertised.


Everything was working more or less yesterday. Today I received zero notifications from the doorbell even though I left my house 3 times today. No Amazon deliveries but still. Something needs to be fixed asap.


It started with the update in late November and early December. I have the eufy 2c cameras and they worked perfectly all year until they screwed it up with the latest updates. Had to mess with the settings because I noticed a lot of missed human detections. It’s also happening with the wired c22 and c24. It’s worse at night.

That is true, we have also noticed the slowness of the camera in detecting and recording humans. Secondly, it likewise detects other objects and animals.

This happened to me too after 6weeks the motion sensors don’t work as usual what a nightmare!

Hmz… I’m experiencing a sort same problem, after only 6 days after installation. The first days it worked all fine during the day/in daylight, but now it’s detecting and recording movements only when it’s dark outside… As if the infra red sensor isn’t working anymore in day light. It used to detect and record all movements for example when we are leaving home or coming back during the day, or when the postman is delivering mail, but now it doesn’t anymore (and yes, I received mail the last two days when the camera didn’t detect the mail delivery)…

Same, mine stopped detecting within a few days.

I know they see all these issues they need to fix motion detection notifications ASAP after this last update this sucks my came unlocked door No notifications at all and they say is hit the reset button NO FIX THIS PROBLEM ASAP!!!

Same here! No motion detection! Com’on Eufy!

Mine detect everything I don’t want it to detect. When lights turn off it counts that as a motion activity and goes off. When an animal walks in front of the camera i get a notification that a person was spotted. Mine has gotten worse as more updates have been applied.

All I can say is those people that have their camera’ still within the time return period they should send the lot back because Eufy are not interested in fixing existing problems they only want to sell new stuff which would probably only work for a short period of time until they send out a firmware update that will break the system. I was once a happy Eufy customer until they pushed a firmware update on 28/09/2021 which broke the camera’s motion detection and even after complaining to the useless customer support todate my system is still broken and unfortunately my system is out of the return period so am stuck with these pieces of S@#t.

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Bear in mind that Eufy uses AI so if it detects the same face repeatedly it learns not to record

This may only be true for the original eufycam with facial recognition.