Doesn't always pick up activity

Had this since 27th of April 2022 not consistent, doesn’t always pick up on activity. Today’s delivery from Amazon didn’t even see the delivery driver!
Got to say I am not happy with its performance and on current service would not recommend this to anyone! I’ll give it a bit longer otherwise it can go back


Yes I have the same problem, will never recommend this product to anyone…


Did you find a fix for this we’re finding same issue not sure if its settings or not?

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same issue since april.

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Same here, changed sensitivity, active areas and gone from human to all motion. Still won’t always pick up people coming down the drive. Will work if they press the bell but not everybody does , just rattle letter box. Looks like it is for the bin and have to re install the Ring, luck I kept it.


Similar problems here. Some activity not picked up. Main thing i notice, movement not picked up until halfway past my property. We had a for sale sign thrown in our front garden it only picked up people walking away not actually throwing the sign. Somewhat disappointed

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I have the same issue with the floodlight camera. The camera picks up more activity off camera view than it does right in front of the camera view. I have the sensitivity at the highest setting and the entire camera view set as the active view, and a car can literally park in the driveway in center view of the camera and not get the activity recorded until the person gets out of the car and walks towards the door. Very disappointed with the camera.

I’ve had the 2c for about month now and I too experience the same issue. I could be driving down my driveway and while the red status light will come on it won’t push any notifications.


Software updates ruined the product. Write reviews on Amazon until they fix the software. They obviously done care about customers. Money is all they care about

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Hmm just got this today and updated it need to put the cams on.

Same issues I would never recommend Eufy security cameras to anyone I have had these a while and this issue and others seems to getting worse on one of my cameras I have completed lost all sound the regular App updates from Eufy are a complete waste time .

Just bought 4 eufyCam 2 Pros. But so far not impressed. Picks up movement at 15’, not 30’ as advertised. I followed guidelines for mounting. I’m not trying to get movement at the edges of the frame. I’ve adjusted the sensitivity on these cameras as high as I can, and oriented the cameras to point directly to where they should be. Meh. And I waited so long to finally get these. But they look cool.

I have 2c pro, loved the product when first purchased the system, but now I feel like it’s been huge waste of money. You would think with so many complaints something would’ve been done by now, however it’s still crap!

I am on my 3rd one. Yes stupid of me but was hoping the 3rd would be the charm but still having the same issue which is the same as you are. Had it set up by people who know what they are doing, especially the last person who actually has no issue with there’s and said he felt bad that I was having this issue. Frustrated that I feel I wasted time and money when I could have caught kids harassing me, trespassing and destroying my property.