Doorbell does not pick up any sound in app in live or recorded modeafter latest update

Doorbell no longer picks up sound in app in live or event mode after update.

Which doorbell? Was there a doorbell firmware update or an app update?
Check your doorbell audio settings to see if anything has changed.
Try performing a “Restart Device” in the doorbell settings.

I do not have the doorbell but on the other camera there is an audio section. Is the sound turned on under the audio section?

Have eliminate the obvious first but a reset may help if not solved

The 2k Video Doorbell (battery-powered) has never recorded two-way audio when using the LIVE view.

I complained about this issue before on this forum. It seems like it would be the most basic feature to have. If someone rings my doorbell and I answer it, it will only record the doorbell microphone for some reason. My voice coming from the doorbell “speaker” does not get recorded. This is strange and it needs to be resolved.