Eufy doorbell battery not charging on ac Transformer

Hey folks,

I’ve commented on other threads but thought I’d make my own.

As some of you know, I think efuy has the worst battery performance of any of these doorbell/security cameras.

But I like the doorbell image quality and invested in aac Transformer.

As if Friday the 17th July, it stopped charging and today the charge is at 41%. In the app it always displayed that it was charging.

I took the doorbell off and while still connected checked the volts. Multimeter read 18.4volts.

For shits and giggles I took the wires off and cut the ends and made new ones even though I haven’t taken the doorbell off since I fitted it.

Both iPhone and android read the battery @41%, all plugged back in.

Honestly @eufy confidence in your product is low.

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Eufy didn’t push out any firmware so I wouldn’t expect local charging to be affected but maybe access off network.

I’m really annoyed because the battery drop went from 87% to 41% in two days.

Guessing this is happing in certain location.

Have you tried changing it back to optimal setting see what happens.

Can see from the image that the plug sign is not there. Is it still plugged in?

I haven’t but I did turn off all motion and it was still dropping.

Software on the doorbell isn’t drawing power or it’s broke.

Best do the whole thing then. Unpair and repair with the HB :unamused:

Will see what happens tomorrow.

Makes no sense. The transformer isn’t broken so the doorbell’s software or battery is.

I’ve contacted support and hopefully when they get back to me, they will find some useful information.

Isn’t anyone here monitoring issues? @Mengdi?

I have the exact same problem. The AC transformer does not charge the battery. I bought this 5 days ago, hooked it up to 18VAC 500 mA transformer. I have no bell or chimes, but note that the set up app only allowed me to select old style door chimes or digital chimes (no chimes was not an option, if I selected doorbell wires)… I selected digital chimes.

At first, it showed the plug in green icon, indicating wired hookup. But shortly after, it indicated battery, and afresh a few days, this charge is now down to 43%. I have removed connection to in-house wiring and plugged directly into the transformer, measuring the AC voltage at the leads at 19 VAC.

No idea why this isn’t charging or indicating wired hookup. One thread suggested it might be expecting a chime load, but it is clear from the set up booklet that this is optional. No circuit breaker has been set off.

This seems like a malfunction to me, but I’d be very interested to hear any expertise or advice. Thanks.

There is something wrong with Eufy products.

Mine has been working fine and charging until Friday. My ac transformer is a 18v 800mA and reads at 18.4 on the two doorbell connectors.

Always showed the wired charging in the app.

Just to add to prior post…

I have also removed the video doorbell, and set up from scratch again, (removing device and adding back / pairing to Homebase 2) with no impact. Doorbell plugged in directly to transformer, with voltage verified by multimeter, still shows battery icon (not green plug icon) and no evidence it is charging.

This forum is officially useless if you’re looking to get support from eufy at this point. It’s just end users helping guide other end users. If there is an actual issue or problem the defacto response is to email because their staff are no longer here on the forums to actually help.


If you don’t want the old chime. When it comes pairing with HB during setup and when it ask you old chime or digital you can just skip this and then it will default to the HB chime.

Thanks, and appreciated. I just sent in my own request to and will post any worthy update.

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Yeah the forum is useless as far as Eufy is concerned. I did a private message to Megdi asking if they reported all the issues they see here so that Eufy knows the crap is messed up. I was then asked for a specific problem then told to “contact support”. I realize there is some communication gap, but these people serve no purpose to this forum except to try to keep selling you stuff.


So the battery is now 43% from 41%.

Will see what it is in the morning and report back.

Some one did say in the forum a while back that eufy said to them it would get to 40% and start to recharge back up :man_shrugging:

I’ve observed for over two weeks that it never dropped below 70%.

Even so I think it’s odd and who’s to say that it would have charged if I hadn’t disconnected everything and put it back?

Technical Problem please contact

Hi guys,

I’m unsure wether this will help as I’m unable to buy any today (and I’m also waiting for a response from Eufy Support) but maybe someone else will be able to try this out.

Ring-doorbells seem to be having a similar problem since may. Some users reported a solution: putting in small washers with the AC wires and the screws (better contact?). As I said, I can’t test this since it’s a holiday over here and don’t have any washers small enough.

I do hope Eufy Support has a solution, but seeing as multiple people have had the same problems start at a similar time; I fear it’s got something to do with software.

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I know the contact is fine because I put the multimeter on the doorbell screw to get a reading.

Definitely a optimization problem.

Is yours charging back up slowly now?