Eufy security App Ios crash

I would like to know if anybody else had the same problem with IOs version of Security App.
The App go in crash starting the view of a video from home page or selecting “Home setup” from security menu.
I’ve also installed the App on my wife’s Android Phone without any problem in the same situations.
Do somebody have any suggestion?


I have had the app crash on my old iPad Air 2. Only will shut down when opening the app for first time if I removed the app from running in the background.

On my iPhone X it works.

Happens to me 1/10 times I’d say. Very irritating.

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Just got the Euphy doorbell, everything works perfect while I am at home on my wifi. As soon as I switch to mobile data the app crashes. Everything is updated, have removed app and put back on, Iphone 12 pro all with updated IOS. Anybody else having this issue.

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Have same issue with my iPhone 11 Pro. Yep my wife’s iphone 11 and our Samsung tablet work fine. Really pissing me off

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I have tried everything. Even removed the app through the storage removal option from Apple. It sends me the notifications that there is someone at the door or motion detected. But as soon as I open the app it just crashes. Works perfectly on Wifi. Of course this defeats the purpose of it. Customer support has emailed me to say they have informed the engineers. But that is not helping me. Makes no sense and I have tons of local storage available on my phone. Really no reason.

Lots of people having same problems I have also reported it via App Store as well as Eufy direct vial email and calls!

I am having same problem also on IPhone XS.

Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

Still crashes on iOS app.

Delete and reinstalling helps.

Most likely when you reinstall you got the new version as it just came out. V3.0.1 which fixed the issue with the App crashing.

Update: was given pre release software to help devs. They fixed the issue then loaded latest version and has worked perfectly since then. Sorry for late response to all that have commented