Eufy smart lock - auto lock inconsistency

The lock overall works manually through the app in that I can always lock and unlock manually. However, I have a couple issues with the auto lock feature that I need help on. I just got this lock within the last few weeks so I’m unsure if this is an ongoing issue I just have to live with or what. Hopefully not. First, auto lock simply doesn’t work all of the time for me (it auto locks after 3 minutes by default) even after I hit the reset button on the actual lock. I have tried calibrating and hitting the reset and it only sometimes fixes it. Second, even after I reset the actual lock device and calibrate, I have the auto lock feature set to 30 seconds and at this point it no longer does 30 seconds. Sometimes it will do a minute, sometimes the 3 minute default. Very frustrating as I bought this lock for peace of mind and now I’m worrying about it more than when I had a cheap old school deadlock. Please help.

So are you saying that it tries to lock it but then it will not lock it at times or are you saying that it just not activate the auto lock as that can be a big difference in issues.

What I am wondering is if it tries to lock it but it takes a few times to lock it, it may be something that the lock is hitting such as the lock plate or it is rubbing against the wood behind the plate where the lock goes into or rubbing onto the metal plate as well.

If you are locking manually, you may be pushing on the lock and thus eliminating the rubbing.

Just a thought…

I was having the same problem. The fix for me was adjust the bracket the end of the lock fits into. How the temperature makes the wood swell or retract as in changing seasons and your door may have to be pushed to shut and latch properly and the lock will no longer align perfectly when is goes to enter its bracket causing that whirling sound and open close motion. It’s extremely sensitive.
Hope this is helpful. M.

Unfortunately it’s not even attempting to lock. Initially when I set it up, I had the issue where I pushed the door to lock and unlock. I realized that was the issue so before I setup the full device, on initial setup I took the strike plate back off and carved out the frame to appropriately free up and make it free flowing without pushing or pulling on anything.

This seemed to work at first but even since, I can’t get the lock to work with any consistency. Now the auto lock just turns off on it’s own and even when it does work, I’d say 1 out of 5 times does it work on the selected “0.5 minutes” schedule that I’d like it to auto lock on. Other times it just simply does the default 3 minutes. But at this point, this morning for example I walked my dogs for 15 minutes and when walking up to my house pulled out my app to unlock the door but it was still unlocked because magically, the lock decided to turn off auto lock on its own.

I do typically avoid manual lock and use the app most times even when I’m right by the door because I want to ensure that the app is still syncing and lock is able to work properly, which it does in that regard.

But at the end of the day, only a few week old lock and I’ve had rare consistency with this feature, which is a pretty important feature to rely on when you get used to not worrying about locking because I expect the $200+ lock technology to work.