Geofencing needs improvement & fixes

Geofencing is critical and is in bad need of an overhaul. Here is a list of issues that should be addressed:

  1. Geofencing should be associated with the HOME - not with each device. The residents of a HOME are either present at the home or not and when they are present, they are present for ALL devices in the HOME. At least this is how it should work. Each device can define how it is to behave when in home or away or whatever mode, but the Geofenced switch between the modes should be done in 1 place.
  2. Having done #1, you can now send just 1 notification when changing modes… not like the 8 that I get now. Also, whether or not you send notifications for mode switches should be an option.
  3. Returning to the geofenced area does not seem to be noticed unless I open the app in the foreground. Clearly this is a bug. One way to augment this transition would be to force a locate upon joining my home wifi network in addition to using location services.
  4. #3 would be good as well for an application like using geofencing in a mobile (think RV) location where returning to the home wifi network is more meaningful than a fixed location.
  5. Other suggestions already noted on the forum like enabling a schedule to work along with geofencing and adding additional controllable features like camera on/off would be useful.