HomeKit sucks with Euphy!

I’m about to junk these things

Anker serial T8142N6321113798. Model T8142
Form ware : 5.4.6

2 of these T8114P0220273FF8 - T8114 - 2.7.4
And T8114P022028276C - T8114 - 2.7.4

Also keypad and 3 door alarms

They show up in HomeKit but down record I’ve tried every combination possible. Why whiny this work. I got this so it would secure store in the cloud not in my dinky box in my hous.

Any other with same crap?

I’ve set up with Apple kit and no eufy and with Apple kit with eufy and makes zero change I just did it again and still can’t review footage in home app

when one dealing with software between two companies, it will be hard.
Apple does not care.
Eufy will only probably update if there is large population of HomeKits users.

you need to submit log

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