Instant owner recognition?

Would be nice, if the app icon changed colour when the system is armed, or it notifies you when the system is armed, or an arming sound come through the phone.

And would be nice if the system recognised my phone ID or something for when I’m home so I don’t have to turn off the alarm in a hurry when returning home(as a notification option of course through the secure app) , obviously might be hard to achieve. But be nice for the system to recognise the ‘owner’ without having to manually going to the app itself to disarm.

Maybe a sent fingerprint ‘disarm’ notification when arriving home? Face recognition?? Or both. I dunno.
Great system and I’m only new to the system.

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With geofencing hit or miss…. I thought maybe when our phones connect to our home wi-if it could switch to “home” mode? And when all phones are disconnected from wi-fi switch to “away”? It would be reliable at my house…. My phone connects 100 ft away.

Not sure if this is even possible.


I’m not an app developer or programmer, but I would be willing to bet that it would be possible and probably very simple too. It just seems like a trigger with an action response. I think it would be nice if the option to activate system and lock/unlock door with geofencing could be on all Eufy devices through the app.