Latest update is terrible

Did you guys even test this new update before you rolled it out? Lost notifications, cams stop continually recording, I could go on but I’m sure it doesn’t matter. Thanks for turning out just like wyze cams….again I have to go look for new cams….such a fun experience!!

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This is a toxic post. what product and what have you tried to remediate the issue etc? After an update it makes sense to reboot the device, eg homebase.

I understand this persons frustration. Eufy updates have now on 3 occasions taken my system from fully functional to a worse state. This time your updates have ruined the add on doorbell camera detection. This was fine but is now poor. I am a very experienced user of your kit and have a Homebase, 3 cameras, 3 solar panels and an add on doorbell. I know your systems inside out. Others don’t notice technical problems as quick as I. Watch the complaints flood in. ….
The last big update mess I asked you to stop sending updates without me having a choice to accept. I don’t need any extra functionality, I want the basics to work and then leave me alone in peace to let the system do its thing. I agree with this frustrated user that you are not testing properly. Please take notice of experienced users and stop updating the system with glitchy updates.


I fully agree that the user should have the final say whether to install an upgrade or not, because the risk of complications exist. The user should be able to review changes first and then decide if these make sense


I gave direct feedback about this and mentioned forum is full of angry people.

This can be done by selecting Help in main app window, then at bottom select feedback, pick a product you use and state you do not want auto-updates but you need possibility to approve update.

Maybe with enough feedback they implement it

Also, they dont read your posts in the community. Use the feedback channel. Many direct complaints should go that way

Same here. Have had the Eufy system now on 2 houses. Have 3 cams and the doorbell. Since the Last update, now I receive no notifications unless I actively have the app open. Also, with the app open, if I do get a notification, It will not take me to that cam when clicking on the notification. This is absolutely garbage! Kept thinking it was a problem with my phone, NOT! Very unhappy customer here. Oh, and before people ask, yes, I have restarted the phone, the homebase, uninstalled / reinstalled the app. There is a definite flaw in the new update.

Just installed V3.50 Seems to be working fine.

Sadly, now a bit later, V3.50 acting same as the most recent update. Only getting notifications if I actually have the app open, then it is hit or miss if the notification will take me to the video.

Toxic post or not. How many damn manufacturers do I buy until I’ve had enough?? I’m not going to keep wasting money on something i pay for but don’t end up owning. Everything is like this now and personally I’m fucking sick of it. That helpful enough?

I have exactly the same feeling about this eufy bulshit cams.