Low Sound in all the devices

I have an issue related to the new firmware of the camera. In this latest version, the microphone on the camera has reduced the sound, so the listening sensation
In the app of all my devices has decreased anyone has the same Issue??
Anyone knows if I can get back to the previous version ???


Is it a battery camera that is connected to the homestation unit? They are indeed extremely soft and when someone is speaking the audio is inaudible.

Yes. Same issue. Indoor cameras

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Nop all of the 3 are eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P22, 1080p

Same issue, i have 2k pan/tilt solo cam. The 2.1.1 5 update has totally messed up everything. Eufy knows and they are hopefully pushing a new update out very shortly. Terrible audio on live view and recordings.:scream:

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Audio on all my 2k pan tilt cameras is now so low it’s useless.

I use a number of cameras to record video AND audio of regular illegal activity occurring in the lane outside my apartment but will now need to throw these and buy something else.

You really have to wonder who’s making decisions at this company!.

Its the buggy firmware they released. version. Im waiting for a new update as eufy are aware of this bug.

Has this issue been fixed? I just got the 2k pan and tilt and the audio is still bad. The software version is still v2.1.1.5.

Nop is the same error since apr

Same sound issues on 2c pro. It only picks up speaking when within 2m of the camera. Had blink cameras and they would pick up a conversation across the road. Having issues with eufy and wondering if I’ve made a booboo choosing them over other brands.

Still the same. I’m on also. According to Eufy a update is due out any day now.

Chances are not looking good. What eufy say and what they do are 2 different things. I was promised a bug fix for showing a brick wall instead of the person who triggered my camera but that never happened. I gave them 4 weeks after the initial 2 weeks they said it would be done in. They offered me 10% refund after 2 weeks and then I said if it’s not fixed in 4 weeks I will abandon Eufy products and look into other brands. That was when they said if it’s not done in 4 weeks they would refund the rest of the latest 2c pro I purchased. Alas 4 weeks passed and they gavee the refund. Would of preferred the bug fixed as it’s now 3 months and still the same.