New products CES2022

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They look brilliant!!

Hopefully I’ll be getting some on my new Instagram Follow me @eufyreviewer. I looking forward to giving more to this community

I was a fan of Eufy but the problems experienced with my 3x 2c camera’s not doing what it says on box after a firmware update and Eufy not doing anything about problem I will be very reluctant to buy any Eufy product no matter how great they look and supposedly work. Eufy have lost me as a customer and I am sure many more customers because of failings so just be carefull if you do buy.

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Highly unlikely I will invest in more eufy products. Their technical support is horrendous and they invest little time in fixing current products and are more focused on selling new.


Another black doorbell while the other products are white.

‘Works with google assistent’ … sure it does….

Typical. Bring out new products and don’t address all the issues with the current gear. Don’t see this changing. And, to top it off, all the new stuff has all the flaws of the old stuff. They don’t even bother to fix the flaws in the new gear. They just cut and paste the code to all their new gear. How’s that for customer service?


Which old flaws are in the new products? Do you already have one of the new CES products?

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@John0 seeing myself and others on here agree that it is not worth the money and time on any new Eufy product because of our experience with our existing Eufy gear and customer support are useless so because of bad experiences unfortunately put all Eufy new products in the same boat.


Package camera and detection…. So… if your camera actually works in the first place…. Isn’t that enough???

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Really? Why?

No, but I bought one of the newer Solo C24 Solo cams in late August and it still had the Sync issues that have been posted about on this board for almost a year. If they don’t care enough to fix a major issue like that, then I don’t expect them to care about newer products. They seem to just cut and paste the flawed design onto newer gear.

I started out defending Eufy’s gear, but since i haven’t seen any progress on fixing the Sync issue and a lot of other customer requests and untested releases, I am voting with my wallet and moving on. They had something good to start with, but messed it up.

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Here’s a novel idea, Maybe utilise your energy and resources to fix the ‘broken’ existing products you have before making more.

That way, taking into account your product line is an eco system, existing customers would be more inclined to purchase future products from you as appose to returning for refunds (if lucky) and running for the hills.

Just an idea.


What do you mean?

I don’t have a doorbell but was thinking of getting, this new one looks interesting.
What current issues plague the current generation?

Limited / no google integration

Hilarious because apparently they’re dropping HomeKit support going forward too so I don’t know who the fuck they think they’re going to be compatible with or have as a customer alienating idk like roughly 98% of all current mobile subscribers between apple and google but maybe someone on Mars will be able to get their app to work with their stuff?! Never ceases to amaze me how these companys start out on the right foot and then completely fuck themselves reversing the very thing that got them any customer in the first place!

Theyve probably hired some stupid little woke ass kid 21-year-old fucking hot shit “genius pro” to come in there and ruin everything meantime we’re stuck with thousands of dollars worth of shit polluting the planet and just useless e-junk now?! Real smart kids! Round if appkause! good job I hope the board read this and realize what a dip shit move all of this is! Mine as well just close down now- call bankruptcy now but before you do that and maybe possibly before you get the Martians to use your fucking services maybe you could open up the API so some of us Customers of yours that you’ve been lying to could maybe get some sort of value out of all this bullshit hardware you sold us!!

I have spent £900.00 on camera’s and sensors and they way Eufy treat customers I will never spend snother penny with them, Eufy just lie to you all the time and when you approach the useless support with problems they do not have a clue on fixing it. Eufy products when they worked were good but some numb skull decided to play around with the app and camera firmwares update which broke the system and then have the cheek to say problem is where equipment is placed and to move it to another location but before updates all was good. I am so sorry that the money I spent on this junk cannot be recouped but Eufy will not get any more, thay are bloody useless in every thing they touch and I doubt that they ever read thes forums.