No sound on live feed

I have a wired Eufy Doorbell and lately when I click on the live feed there is no sound. Volume is up on my phone and the sound is on in the live feed. Not sure what’s going on but it’d be nice to have sound back.

Take a look in the Doorbell Settings, Audio Settings, Doorbell Audio Volume. There’s a volume slider just make sure it isn’t turned down.
If that’s fine then in Doorbell Settings I would try toggling the camera OFF for a few seconds then back ON to see if that helps.

I tried your suggestions and it didn’t work. I restarted the device and the sound worked for a split second then stopped.

Tomorrow I will see about rebooted the whole thing

I have the wireless 2k doorbell and once in a while the live view has no sound. Then I click off the live view and close my open Eufy app. Then I reopen it back up and the sound is back. I know it’s not ideal, especially if you’re trying to speak with someone at the door in live view and you’re getting no sound. But try this for now. This will hopefully get resolved in firmware or something.

Yeah I’ve closed, force closed, turned off the doorbell and on again and still nothing.

Hoping for an update to the app soon.

I now have some sound but it sounds like someone is blowing into the mic. It’s just a very harsh staticky sound and not what it is supposed to sound like.

I still have no sound. Any other suggestions?