Not getting notifications on I phone

Why have I stopped getting notifications of movement or doorbell on my I phone

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I would like to know this too. Worked fine for a year and stopped. Cameras still working but no push notifications! Eufy support not helping.

Me the same worked for a month now missing people going out of house and no notification when post person turns up. No good if it doesn’t work for these simple things

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Same as the others above. I was receiving notifications for over a year and just recently stopped getting them, my notifications for the apps are set for always show, but I don’t get them. I rebooted my phone, made sure all notifications are enabled and still nothing, anyone who has had the same problem please help me with a fix thanks.

I think the issue must be server side and on Eufys part or some tinkering with the motion detection and released as a firmware update. This is happening on a range of Eufy products from solocams to homebase cams to doorbells. Lots of reports on this forum of it ‘recently stopped working’. Eufy/Anker who I would usually hold in high regard have completely dropped the ball on this and their silence or lack of acknowledgement of the issue is not acceptable. After being told my camera is in the wrong position when clearly I haven’t moved it is the final straw. Reviews on Amazon changed to 1 star and after 4 emails with no response I’ve asked to return the item as it’s pointless when it misses events.